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DeviantART isn't an easy site to become known in. You won't instantly become famous, and if your art has even the tiniest of flaws you won't be respected. I thought, when I first signed up, I would be praised for lousy doodles. And I wasn't, actually. Dang.

Even with the pieces I've really worked on, I havn't gotten alot of mention. I realize it's difficult to become noticed in a place where so many proffetionals are. I remember looking back at crappy art I've done in the past, and thinking when I was little, that this was the greatest drawing ever.


But the facade of easy fame has hit me, and I'm striving to become a better artist. I practice with styles, tools, and even had a few pieces shown in an artshow at school. It made me feel special, since I'm younger than most of the very talented people in my school. I would like to show you, but I don't have them with me. A portrait of John Lennon and a series of spheres that each held...a story? I can't explain it myself.

I wanted to make some other atists feel happy too. So, here are some people who made me feel like deviantART was truly a great place:


I was first a fangirl of your character. Who I still adore y the way. But I've always loved your style. It seems to be a mix between cartoon and realism. A good amount of detail bu not too much. And you've been one of the nicest people I've met here.


My, what, first friend here? She has a really bubbly anime style, with alot of colorful characters. I ignored her progress, I admit, for a while, but when I came upon a recent work I marveled at how much improvemet she made. Keep going :).


A popular deviant who's comics made me giggle. I gave her some fanart one day, which was not so pretty. And then, I found she watched me. I was surprised a popular deviant would watch someone with such little...skill? I don't know, but I hold a special spot for watching me, and calling my artwork cute.


She recently featured me as a great artist of some sort, ad I was very happy. It's so nice to be viewed as someone who is good at something. Even though very are millions of people better at art than me, I can still say I'm GOOD at drawing. And I thank her for this.

:icondemitasse-lover: and :iconchancake:

I was always a large fan of their art, and used them as a motivational tool to get better. I have imroved, but not to their skill. But I give them my respects. Beautiful art, guys.

I advise you to check out ALL of these wonderful people, that helped my life as a deviant be a good expirience.
Zell-K Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Duh !!! Thanks dude, I'm very happy to know that you like my style >u> I'll have to draw Taki more just for you :D (normally he should be in the next sketchyay, cause even if I don't draw him a lot, he is my easiest chara to draw xD !)

Have a big bear hug from me an Taki !
:iconbearplz: :iconbearhugplz:
krazybox Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
Thanks so much! :0. I'll try drawing more...of something you like? I have no clue XD.
Zell-K Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Draw anything you want dear ;D !
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